Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Autumn - colours are changing in the Coromandel...

I have been doing some travelling lately - one of the spots I went through was Waihi. This place I visited with family when I was little so it was refreshing to see all the shops etc once again. Because the further you go down NZ the colder it gets, this place had the beginnings of Autumn colours going on.

Another place is through the Karangahake Gorge in the Coromandel region. This place as mentioned in a previous post has a huge hiking trail used by many cyclists and hikers. I plan to do this at some point as I love walking - perfect place to not only stop and think but also take great photos of the sunning scenery.

And various Acorn trees were dotted along the parking area at the Gorge. I just love these colours...

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  1. Autumn is a beautiful time of year. I especially love that second photo :)

  2. wonderful photos Amy :)
    I have several Aunties and Uncles that live there :)

  3. I always look for autumn color when we go exploring because it's quite rare around most of Taranaki with all the pine trees. Love your colors!

  4. Beautiful Autumn color .... I love the seasonal changes ...

  5. those leaves is a natures work of art :)

  6. Looks like there's nobody home in Waihi :-)
    Love the oak leaves!

  7. The leaf shot is my favorite. Lovely



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