Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Relaxation is in...

Some people like to do Pilates in their spare time, others like these ones at Robbins Park Rose Gardens here in Tauranga seem to be quite happy doing Tai-Chi. Personally I prefer to walk and do Yoga at home to relax my body and mind. What helps you to relax?

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Monday, 29 May 2017

Shadows and light at Mount Maunganui beach

We haven't been out for a decent beach walk in quite some time... we've either been on road trips out of town or we've been sick with the flu so on Sunday we thought it time to venture out especially since it was such a lovely warm Autumn day. Lots of sun and warmth and much to our surprise people surfing and swimming in the waves.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Redwood Forest (Whakarewarewa) - Rotorua

While out at Rotorua last week one place we visited was the Redwood Forest (Whakarewarewa). 6 ha of Redwood trees scattered in close proximity to each other that grow so tall and leafy.

Apparently 170 trees were planted in the early 1900s and only a handful are still there today. This one is one of New Zealand's Ponga tree ferns.

We could't believe how cold it was while walking along this track. The temperature for the day was around 8 deg celsius. I should've taken a jacket.

Sad to see quite a few mushrooms and toadstools had been squashed and stood on, this was the only one I could find.

This track we walked took about half an hour but there were various other tracks there too.

One of the main attractions there was the treetop walk which costs around $25 NZD which we weren't going to pay, we were just as happy on the ground - besides I'm scared of heights so that left me out.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Kayakers at Okere Falls

One spot we visited last weekend was beautiful Okere Falls in Rotorua. The Okere River is 11 km long and part of the Kaituna River. Near the end of the walking track was this area where the falls leaps into a wide flow and bursting out all of a sudden came these kayakers who seemed to be greatly enjoying the adrenaline rush - not for me though sorry.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Hamurana Springs - Rotorua

Time for another trip, yesterday we drove nearly an hour out to Rotorua in search of things to see and do. This time we visited Hamurana Springs which is sort of like Blue Springs in Putaruru.

Normally on a warmer day the trees would be green and no leaves on the ground but tis Autumn.

And the water would be crystal clear blue but we visited here on a very chilly day where the temperature got down to about 8 deg celsius and the wind chill was freezing.

So many colours and reflections over the water and all the ducks were huddled together in places.

In various parts there were bubbles where the Spring was pushing water to the surface from the ground.

The whole walk takes about an hour roughly around the full circle of the park. This part had a small lookout where we could see into one of the main Springs and down the river.

I took a short video of the main spring from the lookout we stood at 3/4 of the way around. There was a very fat trout fish swimming around nearby.

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Te Kahui Matariki - The 7 figures

While today outside looks blustery and Autumn-ish I thought I'd go through my archives since it's my day off and I found this one from last year at this time of a photo I took down by The Strand on Tauranga's waterfront area. 

Near the railway track and wharf is a park which holds 7 Maori carvings called "The 7 Poupou" created by James Tapiata. According to the Tauranga Memories page: The appearance of the Matariki constellation in the north eastern sky in late May, early June hails the arrival of the Maori new year. This is a time of new beginnings when karakia (prayers) are offered for the health of the soil, the seed, and the harvest. If the stars are clear and bright, the following year will be warm and fruitful: if hazy, a cold winter lies ahead. Matariki was also used as a navigational beacon for ocean travellers throughout the Moana-nui-a Kiwa (Pacific Ocean).

The first figure - Kahui Matariki reflects the status in the universe. The second - Tapu Nuku rising from the earth, the third - Tupu a Rangi is about the navigational aspects of Matariki. The forth - Waita details the travels taken by the Maori, the fifth - Waiti depicts food bringing. The sixth - Waipuna a Rangi portrays the arrival and life giving properties of water, the seventh - Ururangi pays respects to the links Tauranga Maori have with Kingitanga (Maori King movement).

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Mauao track - still closed

We here in Mount Maunganui have a local track around the mountain that is very popular with runners and walkers but sadly due to all the rain we had recently it's closed for repair. It's a nice track, takes about 45 minutes to walk the whole way around.

And this is the view from 1/4 of the way around - in the distance is the end of Matakana Island.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Frosty red mornings at McLaren Falls Park

We've had some very frosty mornings over the last week or so, temperatures have really started to drop here. This morning when I walked out to my car there was a thin layer of ice on the windscreen - Winter is nearly here.

Last year at McLaren Falls Park I drove out there one Saturday morning and was delighted at some of the colours. Loads of reds, golds and yellows - beautiful!

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Between the cows and Rotorua...

I usually take my camera anytime we go anywhere, last weekend I'm glad I had it with me. On the way back from Rotorua we stopped at a busy intersection just before the Kaimai Ranges - the colours in the sky caught my eye as well as these cows enjoying the coolness of the Autumn evening.

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Monument to the Tarawera Eruption

During our recent trip to Rotorua we stopped at the Buried Village but it's what I spotted across the road in a clearing that caught my eye. This monument was in a shady wooded area but inquisitive old me just had to have a look.

The plaque itself is written in Maori and using google translate I managed to interpret the meanings to be mainly about the Tarawera Eruption that happened in 1886 and the loss of not only the pink and white terraces but of the people who lived nearby. Truly a sacred place...

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Fraser Road Presbyterian Church - Pokeno

Sometimes on our travels we try to stop at any old historical churches we see. On our road trip to Auckland last week we drove past this one on Fraser Road in Pokeno called the Presbyterian Church. Apparently it first opened in 1883 but is now someone's private residence - lucky them!

\And with the cemetery next door looking out onto the rolling countryside I bet they have the quietest neighbours.

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Monday, 1 May 2017

Back at the Auckland Museum

Last Friday morning we drove 2 hours to Auckland so B could get his car radio fixed plus drop off my youngest to his Nana so he could go back up north with his dad. We were planning to check out Waikumete Cemetery, a place where some of my ancestors rest but instead I got voted out and we ended up at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Ever since I was little this has always been one of my favourite places. Above is the stained glass ceiling which sits over the 3rd floor of the museum.

On the 1st floor is a section dedicated to NZ's Maori culture with a traditional whare (meeting house) and storage house. Inside the whare these carvings and weavings have been here for years but it was nice to see that some of them are being restored.

This part is on the 3rd floor and is dedicated to not just the ANZACS but also those who have served for our country with names on the walls including that of my dad's uncle who served in World War 2.

These photos are only a small portion of what is inside the museum, but I think overall I was a little disappointed as there are quite a few modern new displays in place of some of the old traditional ones.

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Finally we have sunshine. This week the temperatures at night are low with the west coast getting down to 2 degrees celsius. But...the good ...