Saturday, 23 January 2021

Waitangi Marae

Just after Christmas we took my parents to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, now that they have the museum there the whole place has grown quite a bit. After going through the museum and looking over the peninsula we wanted to visit the Marae which is not only used for huis (meetings) but is also for performances for tourists and kiwis. The reason this area is so important is that on this land the treaty was first signed between the British and the Maori.

 We waited outside for the performance that was happening inside to finish and once everyone came out we walked in and took photos. Now normally if you're not Maori you have to be welcomed onto the Marae grounds, you can't just enter but this one is for everyone and most Maraes aren't lit up like this. Along the walls are the most amazing carvings, weaving and artwork - this really symbolizes our culture.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

Haere Mai

This dolphin sculpture in Paihia is near the waterfront and gives a "Haere Mai" meaning "welcome" in Maori to visitors arriving on cruise ships or on the ferry, of course with our borders being closed we haven't had any cruise ships in from overseas in nearly a year.

Anyway the plaque on the front offers a prayer for the sculpture and describes how we must take care of the dolphins for they are the mammals that originally led Maori to the Bay of Islands and Paihia.  This region was one of the first settled areas in New Zealand.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Lunch in Paihia

Mondays for B and I is usually our Sunday. He works Tuesday until Saturday and I work Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays so Monday is the only day we both have together. We drove out to Paihia after looking online for somewhere to enjoy lunch and right on the waterfront at the wharf we found it.

 The CBK Craft Bar and Kitchen restaurant had a good looking menu so we chose a small table overlooking the water. He ordered cheeseburger and chips which came out looking huge and in the end he couldn't finish it, I chose an asian ginger style slaw which was delicious. After forgetting to scan my Covid app I had to find the barcode on their front door as we went out.

Remember our plans for wanting to move to Perth? After talking to my dad about it (he use to be a customs broker who organized for people and businesses to ship containers in and out of the country) we worked out it's going to cost somewhere over $10,000 NZD. So unless we find that money and find a way around Covid it's going to have to be postponed until the time is right, if it even happens at all.

There is a big push here for people not to be complacent with scanning themselves in when they visit businesses and unfortunately only 25% seem to be doing it. Hardly anyone does it anymore since we don't have any cases out in the community. The way I see it is all it needs is one to sneak through and then we are back into lockdown, I would prefer to be notified via my phone app that I've been somewhere where a positive case has been so that I can self isolate.

How are things where you are? Do you have to scan as well or make a note of where you have been?

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Monday, 18 January 2021

Paihia Rotary Mural

 While looking for murals last time we were in Paihia I saw this one on a bench chair outside the Paihia War Memorial Hall. Painted as part of the Focus Paihia Project this one was chosen for their 50th birthday celebrations in February 2013.  A competition was held, members had 3 weeks to design and construct a seat that would be quirky, colorful and and eye catching while promoting both Rotary and the Bay of Islands Rotary Club branch. This one won a $100 prize which was used by the club for further community projects.

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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Kawakawa Memorial Library

Last time just before Christmas when we were last in Kawakawa I spotted this tiny building because it kind of reminded me of an old small town jail.  But apparently it was built in 1921 by the people of Kawakawa in recognition of the lives lost in WW1.  It became a museum santioned by the RSA on Anzac Day 1988 following an exhibition of military photos and exhibits.

 Photo from 1986 taken by Jock Williams and Chris Maclean 

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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Otamatea Marae

Otamatea Marae - 2020

 One advantage of being back in the Kaipara region last year was that I got to go on road trips so I could take photos of places I hadn't seen in the 8 years I lived here.  Otamatea Marae is in the small country town of Maungaturoto and was established around 1946 as the ancestral marae for the Ngati Whatua people.

The wharanui (meeting house) was originally the whare runanga (assembly house) at Shelly Beach which opened in 1887. It was relocated to Tanoa to sit next to the Kakaraea Church in remembrance of the 1825 battle of Te Ika a Ranganui (the Musket Wars).

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Beware of Kiwis

In many New Zealand towns there are these signs that say "Kiwi Zone". At the entrance to Rainbow Falls is this one, because there is so much native bush where the birds live in their burrows under the ground. In fact in most Department of Conservation walks the sign at the entrance usually says "no dogs".

Dogs, cats and stoats are some of the Kiwis worst enemies. Many people unfortunately just don't care and don't understand the birds are a protected species, even taking a dog into these areas on a leash is illegal. 

There is the Kiwi Avoidance Training that owners can take their dogs to which teaches the animals  to steer clear of the birds. I don't know if I agree with the type of training which involves the use of electric collars but until someone comes up with a different method I guess this is it.

The trainers interestingly enough found that the breed of dog was found to influence the training with terrier and working breed dogs showing higher levels of avoidance from the training and non sporting dogs showing the lowest levels of avoidance.

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Monday, 11 January 2021

Kiwi in Paihia

 My daughter and I spotted this mural in Paihia just before Christmas on the side of a phone cabinet, we have attempted to find out who painted it without luck. In case you're not familiar with Kiwi birds; they are noctural, mostly come out of the bush at night to hunt for food like worms, insects etc. They are flightless with long beaks and they are one of our protected birds. 

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Waitangi Marae

Just after Christmas we took my parents to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds , now that they have the museum there the whole place has grown quite...