Tuesday 31 August 2021

Holiday bus

Have you seen many of these? Many people use old buses to go on holiday in, they convert them by removing all the seats and putting in furniture and a kitchenette. It's a cheap way to travel I guess. 

Monday 30 August 2021


This week's mural is a bit of a strange one. No idea who the artist is but this one on the side of a building in Kaikohe says "Aroha" meaning "love" on the front along with some colourful geometric shapes on the side. Something to brighten up this part of town.

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Saturday 28 August 2021

Inside a cafe

 I visited this cafe in Kawakawa about a month ago, sitting at a table with other people around me is a dream at the moment. Can't wait until Covid is over. This is for Tom's post for things beginning with "I" and Weekend Reflections.

Edited to add: we are still under lockdown here with a review due Monday night, this photo was taken beforehand.

Thursday 26 August 2021

Open for coffee

A cold winter's day about a month ago in Okaihau where I had time to kill so I parked on the side of the road in the main street watching what little sights were going on. This is a town where the most exciting thing that happens is a tractor driving through.

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Tuesday 24 August 2021

Rainbow connection

Back roads are the best. A few weeks ago I drove down a new road where there were a few old ramshackle buildings. This one in the middle of a field looked lonely, even with the rainbow in the sky.

So we are in lockdown until the remainder of the week except for Auckland who stays in until the 31st August, understandable really as they have the majority of the positive cases. So far I think we've gotten away rather lightly again considering the rates other countries have shown. As of today we have 107 in both Auckland and Wellington.

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Monday 23 August 2021

Eels and flax weaving

So I saw these murals on the sides of 2 buildings in Moerewa and from what I can make out it looks like an eel on the left hand side and some flax weaving on the right side. I have been trying to find the artist but as yet no luck. (Photos taken before lockdown).

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Saturday 21 August 2021

Tea and Tattoos

 At Paihia there are a few little alleyways leading to different types of shops. In this particular one is a clothing shop at the end, an art gallery to the right and a tattoo studio to the left. I like the vintage looking words on the wall saying "Tea 1 and6 per pound (lb)".

Covid news: as of today we have 31 cases and counting in Auckland and Wellington with over 100 places of interest. The suspicion has been on a person who flew back from New South Wales in Australia who was infected, possibly the virus spread while they were in hotel quarantine. We are all in lockdown for another 4 days and It'll be quite some time before we will be walking around public places again. Masks are mandatory when entering places that are essential services such as chemists, supermarkets or doctors but there are people who are refusing to do their bit in keeping everyone safe. All other businesses are closed but on a positive note the amount of people getting their vaccines has flown upwards, B and my 2 adult children have had theirs done now.

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Thursday 19 August 2021

Coffee, Croissant and Culture

On the Opua ferry that leads to Russell is this small sign on the side rail that says "Coffee, Croissant and Culture" which advertises the daily guided tours at historical Pompallier Mission House.

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Tuesday 17 August 2021


 I like seeing things that stand out that are different from the norm. These Maori Tiki sculptures in Taupo were made by Albert McCarthy. Each colour has a different meaning; blue represents the lake, red represents the earth and yellow is the warmth.  He has drawn inspiration from the celestial and the spiritual bringing with it a message of peace.

So the continuing story with my car, no I still don't have it back and probably won't have it until maybe the end of next week. So far the process has been extremely painful, frustrating and stressful. Last night we got to the point where I actually sent quite a rude blunt email to our insurance company. It's not often that I get that angry but when I do look out. Basically the police had it for 3 weeks doing forensics on it, the panelbeaters had it for over a week before they sent photos to our insurance company who in turn have given us less than ideal communication as to what has been happening. We've had to push and push the whole way for updates. I think I'll be changing insurance providers very soon...

EDITED TO ADD: Tonight New Zealand has gone into a level 4 full lockdown due to a possible Delta Covid case being detected in Auckland, stay safe everyone.

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Monday 16 August 2021

Gelato Bar Mural

 This unique mural in Taupo is on the side of a gelato/ice cream bar. I couldn't find out who painted it but to me it represents Summer as that is when us Kiwis like nice cool things to eat.

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Saturday 14 August 2021

The Ernest Kemp

In Taupo moored at the marina is this wee boat, the "Ernest Kemp". It is a private charter boat which takes people out on the lake to view the local Maori rock carvings. The replica steam boat is 14.5 metres long and weighs just over 20 tonnes. It is powered by two 4 cylinder ford diesel engines of 73hp producing an average speed of approx 9 knots. The steering wheel was one of 2 winding reels mounted on both sides of a horse drawn hose reel used by fire brigades years ago. The steam whistle was originally from a a bush steam locomotive engine that operated hauling logs in the central north island.

oh and yesterday I had my 2nd Covid vaccination, again no major side effects other than a slightly sore arm but good to get it done.

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Thursday 12 August 2021

On the car ferry

A few days ago I decided to spend the day with B while he was out working. Because he's a technician that fixes peoples internet and phone lines etc he travels every day. He had a job to go to in Rawene so after he finished it we took the car ferry over to Kohukohu, sadly we didn't get to stop and get photos of Rawene township because just as we got to the wharf the ferry was already there ready to go. We were at the back, one of the last cars on.

Oh btw I got my 2nd covid vaccination yesterday - yay!

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Tuesday 10 August 2021

KFC now delivers

Seen in Mangere, South Auckland - I think these are just about everywhere now. Not my thing though.

So....car news. A month down the track and I still don't have my stolen car back. The police had it for 3 weeks, the mechanic's has had it for a week and today they only just took photos of it for the insurance company. I'm on the verge of going Karen on them...frustrating.

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Monday 9 August 2021

Rainbows in Moerewa

This rainbow mural in Moerewa has been painted on the side of one of the shops. It was organized by the local He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust.

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Saturday 7 August 2021

$2 shop lockdown

Another photo I've found from our 2020 lockdown, hardly anyone around the streets, the odd car here and there but deathly quiet.

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Thursday 5 August 2021

Mangonui Public Cemetery

This is one of the more modern newer cemeteries in the far north. Mangonui Public Cemetery was established in 1954. There is a gardener's cottage to the left and a flagpole at the top, the bottles of water are for those who believe that when you leave a cemetery you should wash your hands.

So as life goes on in the world of the living, we got news on Tuesday morning that my car had finally been bought up from Auckland by our insurance company and had arrived at the mechanic's so we popped down there to check it out. Apart from the missing lock on the door handle, the ignition and my Canon camera it looked the same, was good to see no other damage but the one other thing the thief took was a box of disposable gloves that I use for my job as a support worker, guess he'll probably use it for future illegal endeavours. Luckily I had an older camera (a Fuji Finepix 14mpx) that I use to use about 8 years ago in the bedroom cupboard which use to be my favourite so I've got that as backup. Hoping the car will be back by early next week...

Lastly has anyone received any emails from Blogger saying your blog has been reported for phishing? (I'm assuming this is scamming). I got one yesterday morning then another one later on saying it had been reinstated. No idea what that was about?!?

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Tuesday 3 August 2021

Waimangu Volcanic Valley - Part 3

Last and 3rd post about Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Above are 3 of the many artworks that are displayed along different parts of the nature walk.

The further down we got to the bottom the more smaller waterfalls we saw. I'm sure I sure some human bones on the edge among the rocks, looked like a pelvis.

The above 2 photos are part of the original Pink and White Terraces. What was once 2 small lakes lined with the terraces is now 20 times larger and 40 metres deep which is why much of it is now not visible.


This part of the valley was near the bottom where the steaming water meets another cold freshwater stream. After we rounded the next corner we borded a bus which takes people back up to the top again. 

This is a calcified picnic basket that was found in 1924 from the former site of the terraces. Photo from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. If you are ever in Rotorua I highly recommend doing this, extremely good value for money.

Monday 2 August 2021

Red Moerewa Mural

 Another mural from Moerewa - this one painted by artist A. Dunn in 2015. It shows a Maori woman with a Ta moko (chin tattoo) which symbolizes family history and tribal affiliations along with a design flowing from the bottom to the top on the left hand side. 

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