Thursday, 29 October 2015

Spring sunsets over Orere Point countryside

While at Orere Point last weekend, I happened to spot this sunset from the kitchen window. Since I'm a sucker always for a good sunset I quickly grabbed my camera. In the distance are a few trees but on the right if you can just see it is a farmhouse. Once Summer is here I'm looking forward to spending more time outside in the evenings.

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Surfcasting at Orere Point

Now that we're back from our Labour weekend holiday at Orere Point, we're glad to be back home. I got out and about on quite a few walks around the area and down to the local beach, one shot I took yesterday was off this fishermen surfcasting with eager seagulls swooping overhead.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday skies - ready for Labour weekend

For Friday Skywatch this week I'm sharing two photos - the top one I took this morning and the bottom was yesterday. It's Labour weekend for us starting tomorrow so that means Monday is a public holiday, most people go away - we are heading up to the Southern part of Auckland to a spot named Orere Point which is on the coast about 5 minutes from the beach. I intend to take my camera and go for loads of walks.

Have a great Friday :-)

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Rowing in the low tide in Otumoetai

Despite it being very windy here this week the sun has been well needed, on the way home tonight I happened to spot these rowers going back and forth along the water near the bridge and motorway. Sadly the tide was out so unfortunately I was unable to venture out onto the sand in amongst the puddles of sea water to get a closer shot...

Sunday, 18 October 2015

A break in the weather...

So, while it's been an exciting weekend for us kiwis there hasn't been alot of action in getting out an about with my camera. This one I happened to snap before starting work last week, I couldn't resist taking a shot of the break in the skies between the grey clouds and the blue sky - but then again Spring for us kiwis is like four seasons in one day so scenes like this are pretty typical.

There has been alot of other action though, if you're a rugby freak like I am and have been keeping up with the World Cup then you'd know that NZ are into the semi finals now after beating France this morning with a whopping score of 62-13. Next weekend we are up against South Africa so no doubt that will be another exciting game.

Hope your're having a great weekend like we are :-)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Bobby's Fresh Fish Market

A while back just before I started working I was enjoying a walk along The Strand here in Tauranga, you know those days when you just have to get outside and do something? Well on my walk I spotted this large blue sign advertising Bobby's Fresh Fish Market, apparently here they make the best fish and chips or so I've heard. At other times I've driven past this spot it's been packed with people enjoying lunch, can't say I blame them, it's got lovely scenery :-)

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Quiet house, Quiet spring mornings...

It is very very quiet at our house right now, my two teens went back up North yesterday. As a mum I miss them alot and I had a little teary eyed moment when they got on the bus. I'm use to them talking and puttering around here so the silence feels very strange. My youngest is talking about moving here at the end of the year once he finishes school in December but my daughter thinks she may stay another year with her dad and complete Year 13.

I have kept up with my regular walking patterns though, this morning after the other half had left for work I ventured out and caught this sky with it's stormy grey and orange clouds in the distance over the local primary school.

And there may be changes in the works but I'll keep you posted...

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A day out at Te Puke racetrack

On Sunday afternoon we drove out to the Te Puke racetrack, which is about 25 minutes out of Tauranga just before Te Puke township (pronounced Tee pookee). My stepdaughter has been taking part in racing her go kart for about 7 years with her mother and since we have had my two teenagers with us over the school holidays we thought it would be a fun afternoon. We were right!

We were able to watch her racing plus the junior and senior section - I think each grade drove about 15 rounds each, I captures these shots out of several dozen that I was able to take. Such a fun day with lots of other petrol heads...

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Friday, 2 October 2015

High up in the trees at Adrenalin Forest

For the last week or so I've had my two teens visiting me over the school holidays from up north. On Monday we took them and my step daughter to a place about 15 minutes out of Tauranga called Adrenalin Forest - it's kind of like an "up in the trees obstacle courst". Level 1 starts near the bottom and level 6 ends high up in the trees - there are swing bridges, flying foxes and each person has a safety harness on which straps to the metal wires they need to follow to complete the course. This shot I took of one of the other participants walking across some ropes while trying to balance himself.

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Stock car racing

We spotted this stock car in Murchison last time we were there about a year and a half ago. Looks a bit beat up and well used but I do enjoy...