Thursday, 29 October 2015

Spring sunsets over Orere Point countryside

While at Orere Point last weekend, I happened to spot this sunset from the kitchen window. Since I'm a sucker always for a good sunset I quickly grabbed my camera. In the distance are a few trees but on the right if you can just see it is a farmhouse. Once Summer is here I'm looking forward to spending more time outside in the evenings.

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  1. Hello, beautiful sunset capture! I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets too. Enjoy your day and the weekend!

  2. Good thing you had the camera nearby. I love the small silhouette trees, really adds some perspective. Nice shot

  3. I love the silhouette of the distant landscape against that evening sky.

  4. Beautiful sky-scape Amy! Long summer evenings are such a wonderful thing .... One we, of course, are losing over here on this side of the Rock! We go off Daylight Savings Time this weekend, so it will be dark by 5ish, boo hiss!


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