Monday, 2 July 2018

In the octopus's garden

Kind of like a Beatles song right? Across the road from our apartment is a group of shops and first in that block is a small cafe called The Octopus's Garden. It looks small and quaint but invitingly cosy when I run past it most mornings. I checked out the menu online and from an article I found in the NZ Herald the pulled pork tacos look ultra yummy.

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  1. It must be time to give it a try.

  2. for some reason it made me smile :) Maybe because of the name!

  3. Better try it soon - I think your move is this weekend.

  4. It looks like a cafe we used to frequent years ago but with a different name....and menu! It had a nice quiet little garden out back.
    Brings back memories anyway. Used to have lunch out with my folks when I was 'in town'

  5. That looks like a place that would have very tasty food.

  6. it looks fun and so does the Eddie-Elspeth cafe in the post below -- but aren't you moving soon?



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