Sunday, 21 January 2018

Road slip in Matahina

This morning during a road trip to Rotorua we passed through Matahina and stopped on the side of a road out in the country so I could take photos of this road slip. Not sure when it happened except that it would've been during a period of very very heavy rain. If you look in this photo (above) you can see the road where the side of it has gone. There were road cones up next to me in a line so I wasn't about to go near the edge for obvious safety reasons.

The view past the edge of the road is part of the Matahina River which passes through the Matahina Power Station.

The water would've all come from above this cliff and as you can see on the left the side of the hill has washed away.

After 6 hours of being out and about it's good to be home, especially in this heat...


  1. Road slips are obviously very dangerous.

  2. That's a long way down to the river from the slip!
    Not sure where Matahina is. On the way to Rotorua lol. I'm not surprised. I seem to have forgotten where a lot of places are. I always think of Matakan as Matakana ilsand but it seems Matakana is an active little town somewhere else, north I presume. One day I'll google

    1. yes Matahina is on the way to Rotorua. Matakana Island is here in Tauranga but there is a small town up north of Auckland just out of Warkworth also called Matakana.

  3. Wow, that's some serious erosion. They have done some pretty clever work around here to hold back cliff's.

  4. Good heavens it would have taken a heck of a lot of rain to wash away the road, I don't blame you for staying well away from the edge Amy, just the thought of it gives me the heeby jeebies 😀

  5. That looks like some serious damage.

  6. That definitely looks dangerous. Glad no one got hurt when the road collapsed. I've seen places like this and they put up netting or a wall to help stop rock and mudslides. It might not work here because the road is so close and there is no road shoulder to have some kind of wall put up.

  7. I always get a funny feeling when I see where there's been a road slide (or slip as you call it)... I always think what if you'd been driving along that road just as it happened. (Oh well, no use borrowing trouble, that's for sure.) Beautiful photos ... we used to see those slides in the winter rainy season in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Too flat here in Florida to worry about them.

  8. Our friends are in NZ for a month. I cannot wait to hear all about their trip although they have been good at posting updates on FB.

    Worth a Thousand Words



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