Thursday, August 25, 2016

People watching on the beach

Those rare winter days when it's fine outside means it's a good chance to go for a walk. For us we like to venture to the beach nearby, about 5 minutes walk away and such a good chance to people watch. Do you do that too? This shot was taken of some friends with their dogs enjoying the waves and grandparents taking their grandchild in the stroller. Unfortunately today is back to rain again - would've been perfect to have been at home with a good book, such is life when you have to work :-)


  1. One brave person is in shorts?

    1. yes it doesn't get that cold here, in the daytime in winter the highest we get is probably 16 deg celsius but it was a warm sunny day :-)

  2. I would enjoy those walks by the sea, whatever the weather.

  3. I love to people-watch and what better spot than at the beach? :)

  4. Hello, I love the beach and people watching. Great photo. Happy weekend!

  5. Oh yes, we only get to the beach once a year for a week but the people watching is as much fun as anything else there.

  6. Oh yes we enjoy people watching everywhere -- I hope we get to go to the Oregon Coast one of these days soon -- to watch people and waves and birds....

    I started to say that winter didn't look too bad where you live, but then I read that this was one of those rare winter days when it is nice -- that reminds me of Oregon.



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