Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Sea Princess is in town!

Over the weekend we had over 2 days of rain and with 3 teenagers in the house we were all starting to get cabin fever so while a break in the weather we ventured out for a drive around town. One point we stopped at was at Pilot Bay where of course I shot across the road to take a photo of this scene. If you ignore the yellow boats in the front of the photo you can see a large ship called the Sea Princess which was in town.

Around the Summer period, which is what we have here now we get alot of cruise ships come and go - this one is quite a beauty. Not only is it 857 feet long and 188 feet wide, it also has a crew of 910, 15 decks, 3 swimming pools, 1008 guest cabins, 6 spa pools and much more. I'm starting to wish I could win lotto so I could try one of these out myself!

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  1. Hello, what a huge cruise ship. I would love to be cruising around in some warm weather right now. Have a happy week!

  2. It sounds like a miniature town on the move.

  3. Wow, it looks huge compared to the other boats.

  4. We used to see lots of cruise ships when we visited San Diego, California. I don't see myself enjoying a cruise, I much prefer to fly and then enjoy the land. - Margy

  5. she's quite a bit larger than the yellow boat.



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