Saturday, 13 January 2018

That's what I call Mussels!

I just love these guys! I'm a bit of a seafood nut and these Mussels grow everywhere on rocks around NZ beaches. I don't think picking shellfish fresh off the rocks, unfortunately you can get sick if you're not careful so I prefer to buy them from the Supermarket where they've been grown in farms. Sad but that's reality.

What kind of seafood grows where you live?


  1. I remember mussels in NZ supermarkets in a special container with running water and a reasonable price too.
    We get oysters but a type from the seabed, cockles, and f course a couple whose names I do not know and I presume are not found downunder.
    Shellfish is mostly eaten raw here or lightly bbqed with a squirt of lemon juice and a glass of ouzo

  2. Our area is known for blue claw crabs. There's nothing like a freshly steamed bunch of crabs, a pitcher of beer, and god friends. I like mussels too!

  3. Creative photo! I know ~ I wouldn't eat the mussels that are here on the rocks and beaches ~ Enjoy the farm ones ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. They sure look good in the photo. I would buy in a store too just to be safe. We have mussels harvested here along with oysters. A variety of fish too, trout and salmon. I don't eat oysters, don't care for them. We have a fishman who sets up his little trailer on Thursdays. I buy from him when I want seafood.

  5. Your mussels look tres photogenic Amy ☺ I live right on the coast so every kind of seafood is readily available. Sad to say that although I love white fish not so much the seafood!

  6. I think we have this kind of sweetwater mussels. But they are not common. And the colors seem to differ.

  7. We have eaten wild "caught" (scraped) mussels from the Pacific Coast in Oregon, but it has been a long time ago and now I am too lazy, but would rather buy them, like you. There are commercial oyster beds there and wild
    Dungeness crabs to catch and clams on some beaches (but I hate digging clams). Here in Florida there are stone crabs and I guess that's all. We don't go crabbng or fishing here.



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