Lunch in Russell

Last weekend I accompanied B on his work day which started off in Paihia but ended up in Russell where we had a nice lunch on the waterfront.

This was the cafe we ate it, very tidy and clean with busy staff - it had a view out over the beach and wharf so that was nice to see as we waited for the food.

For drinks I ordered a Mocha Frappe (cos it was a warm Autumn day and I love coffee) and B ordered a cold beer.

For lunch, seeing as I am a huge seafood fan I ordered garlic bread and chilli garlic prawns.

B ordered his usual chips and burder which really was a big meal in itself - he had trouble finishing it. Here it looks like the vaccing mandates and mask wearing are coming to an end simply because covid is so prevalent just about everywhere. Not that that's a bad thing because I personally think we need to somehow get back to some sort of normality although people are still wearing masks inside businesses etc just to be safe. Today my family and I are coming out of a 7 day isolation, as I mentioned a few posts ago my youngest son tested positive but my daughter and I tested negative all of last week, well on Sunday B tested positive and now my daughter and I are too so it's another 7 days of isolation for us.

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William Kendall said…
The place looks welcoming.
Tom said…
...I'm a burger guy, but the prawns look great!
Iris Flavia said…
I´d go with B´s choice :-)
Yay for being healthy!!!
local alien said…
Look at that burger! I'd live to try and get around that. And with that mocha frappe. Hope you can enjoy more items now you're 'free, free, free' 😃😃
Bill said…
I would go with the prawns too.
Fun60 said…
Prawns every time. I'm so glad we no longer have to isolate now.
Glenda Cates said…
I am so sorry your family is dealing with Covid which my husband had earlier in the year. As for the food it looks really good and a nice restaurant to visit.
Food sounds good (I'd go for the prawns. But maybe the beer, depending on what time of day it was. Nice you get to go along for the drive to B's work away from the home office. .... I'm sorry about the Covid tests. Were those self-administered or ... (What I'm actually wondering is why did you have to test?)
Oh oops, never mind -- I just read the post below and see you had to test because your son tested positive. I'm so sorry and hope he is better now and that nobody else came down the the dreaded plague.
Veronica Lee said…
I am a huge seafood fan and those prawns looks amazing!

Happy Tuesday, Amy!
betty-NZ said…
Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!