Thursday, 30 April 2015

Seasons change....for many reasons

The times they are a changing and this for me at the moment has more than one meaning. I love this time of year... yellow, golds, bronze, reds are all showing their colours. Autumn for us down under and Spring for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. This photo was taken in Paeroa about 3 hours or so from where I live.

Its very poignant - I don't normally talk about my personal circumstances on the internet however just this once I will share what's been going on lately. For 4 years I worked in a busy dental surgery - I grew to love my job...the people contact, my work colleagues and it was a chance to learn new skills in something I'd never tried before. Recently due to not enough work I had to make the unfortunate decision to finish there and where I live there isn't much work. The whole of the Northland region is in a bit of a sad state and people are moving where the work is - for me this is something I've had to make the choice to do. I've looking further down the line to a different place with a new partner (who is awesome by the way) and applying for jobs which pay  more and offer better opportunties. Job searching is my role so hopefully I will find something and be able to move.

Hope all is going well for you wherever you are :-)


  1. Great photo and beautiful scene. There's no mistaking a New Zealand sky!
    All the best for your future as you make some big changes.

  2. Change is a constant in life and it's easier to roll with it than stand against it. Hope you find what you're looking for. Thanks for you comment about my camellia post but it is quite unusual for this area to have a tree full of blooms. They usually start budding about now and open up mid winter.

  3. Good luck with the job hunt. I know from past experience how hard it is and, more than once, have moved to where the work is. But, gosh, it would be hard to leave Magical Mangawhai!!

    1. hi there Paulne, you're so right Mangawhai is beautiful but yes unfortunately have to go where the work is :-)

  4. beautiful view. good luck with the job search.

    I've recently had a job change too.

  5. And a new chapter begins, I wish you great success.



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