Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The colours of summer!

These Hollyhocks (I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong) outside the Mangawhai Library on Saturday. Each week we return our books and take out new ones - such is life being in a family of bookworms. There are about 3 of these plants all in big clumps outside the entrance.

And this stunning sight! Carpet roses lining the Mangawhai estuary on the way home tonight from work. Such a pretty picture of pink. Now that its finally warming up here at last we are hanging out for time at the beach.

Whats happening in your part of the world?


Felicia said...

beautiful. its funny you are just warming up and here its getting cold.

Amy said...

yes it is strange with our opposite seasons isnt it? I can't imagine having xmas in the winter, its always been about celebrating the summer holidays here.

Unknown said...

beautiful shots :)
you must have a lovely drive home :)

betty-NZ said...

What gorgeous scenery! It's quit warm here today in the Naki and I'm so ready for summer!


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