Friday, January 8, 2016

Windsurfers out and about after the storm

Sunday gone eager to get out and about after 2-3 days of rain we drove around and ended up stopping down by Sulphur Point which is near the Port of Tauranga. With quite a bit of wind still in the air we watched these windsurfers in the shallows. The guy walking out of the water looked like he was teaching the girl on the board what to do.  I like days like this as you get to see people making the most of the outdoors after being stuck inside - lots of action!.

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  1. Nice photo, my daughter used to windsurf and preferred doing it after storms as the weather was slightly rougher and more exciting. Those people have the same idea.

  2. looks pretty gloomy and cold.

  3. Nice, I love it when people are outside doing and learning things.

  4. win-win: fun for them (doing the activity), fun for you (taking photos).

  5. They are definitely a hardy bunch that surf whenever the waves are high. I admire them but will just admire them from the shore :)



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