I've seen a few streets around our region where certain roads have been painted in bright colours with words like "stop" and "give way" etc and I'm guessing the idea is for them to stand out to motorists so that they take more care while driving.  The guy on the motorbike was driving through Kawakawa last week - Summer is perfect for bike rides.

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Tom said…
...we have stop painted on some streets, but not the colored designs. Plus I would have an awful time getting use to driving on the left side of the street! Thanks Amy for sharing.
Iris Flavia said…
Only know this from Australia and they read from where you are coming whilst (as German?) I start on top.
Was confusing at first. Add to that the steering wheel is on the other side as well as where you drive, LOL.
Still sad we sold our Moped. Good summer-days indeed. 0C here.
Jim said…
The flowers in that garden look great.
Happy New Year! It looks hilly there. The flowers in bloom are eye appealing. Look at all those stairs at the gray house. Weather must be nice to be riding around on the bike. Very nice street photograph.
Good idea if it works. I agree with Tom... I would have a heck of a time adjusting to driving on the left!
Lisa said…
It's very pretty, and boy, that garden there is something!