Saturday, 24 April 2021

Rachel's Spring

In and around both Taupo and Rotorua there is loads and loads of geothermal activity. While we were visited Rotorua we spotted this within the Government Gardens. Rachel Spring has a temperature of approx 212 degrees farenheit and is a natural hot spring of alkaline water.

Originally named Whangapipiro by the Arawa people but was later renamed Rachel Pool after Madam Rachel who was a notorious English cosmetician who promised youthful complexions because of the softening effect of silica water on the skin.

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  1. I enjoyed Rotorua very much. Wished I could have spent longer there.

  2. Let me jump in!
    I still can sometimes (!!) not buy a beer cause they think I´m not 16 already.
    I kid you not. I´m nearly 50 for crying out loud.
    This would be fun, I´m 60 or 70 and they still ask for my ID.

    1. Girl I think you'd be burned pretty badly if you jumped in there.

  3. I look be those govt gardens . You can wander around amongst all the activity for free

  4. ...springs like this are rare in my area. The history is interesting.

  5. I visited Rotorua in 2003, what an interesting place. I spent an evening at a hot pool spa, it had lots of different pools with different temperatures. and I was fascinated with a big hole that had appeared in the middle of a street with safety barriers all around it and billows of steam coming out of the hole!

  6. I would love to see a spring like that. Nice shot.

  7. No springs in my area, Have a lovely weekend


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