Sunday, 25 April 2021

Anzac Day 2021


I normally wouldn't post anyting on a Sunday but this one is different. Today for New Zealanders and Australians we celebrate this day as ANZAC (meaning Australian New Zealand Army Corps) day by remembering those who died in all wars that our loved ones have fought in. Today and tomorrow are normally public holidays, all businesses usually have to close until lunch time out of respect for how important this day is to literally everyone.

Here are 2 of my heroes. Neville Walter Franks, my dad's uncle who died in WW2 of wounds on Monte Cassino, Italy. My youngest son actually looks very much like him.

Matthew Allan Dunlop of Napier, my grandmother's uncle on my mother's side, died in WW1 in the Somme, France. 

I hope you will remember this day with me.


  1. These men paid with their lives. The others went through hell.

  2. It is good to remember all these men, a lot of them just young boys. My uncle also died at Monte Casino. I visited his grave digger nice. Miles of white crosses, as is the cemetery on Crete.

  3. We remember.
    Grandpa was in the Australian army at Gallipoli. As a war artist apparently.
    Whereas the Brits would have shot him for "cowardice" the Aussies invalided him out with I am here...
    We remember all those who weren't so fortunate

  4. Wonderful your son reminds you of your hero!
    Yes, I do remember honoring these men and women this day.
    Look here, I just need to look to the right for this...

  5. A very important day. Two very handsome men from your family.

  6. An important day to remember all those who sacrificed their lives.

  7. It definitely is an important day for everyone. Nice to personalize it by paying special tribute to the two heros in your own family.

  8. Wonderful post for ANZAC Day Amy 💜


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