Marlin Hotel - Whangaroa Harbour

Two weekends ago we drove up to one of my favourite places - Whangaroa Harbour. We arrived just before lunch and were quite hungry so we decided to try the historic Marlin Hotel and see what their food was like. We were served by 2 very friendly hosts and ordered our food- the other half had fish and chips (best batter we have ever tasted so light and crunchy) and I had polenta with steamed veges. Absolutely blown away by how delicious it all was.

Apparently the hotel was first established around the mid 1800's when it was named the Masonic Hotel but was badly burned and re-built in the 1920s.

We were told that the fish on the walls were once real and were caught by local fishermen many years ago. I have included an article I found below dated from 1926 which speaks of the area being a rich source of major fishing catches:


  1. I should imagine a 428lb swordfish would put up quite a fight Amy ✨ The Whangaroa looks like a nice place for lunch.

  2. The place looks like a place I would gladly visit. The mounted sword fish is quite impressive. I can't imagine having to haul that one in. :)

  3. I didn't realise that they now serve meals. Haven't been there for many years.

    1. yes, apparently new owners have taken over the lease and they have upgraded the place hugely.

  4. Don't you just love finding gems like this? Your lunch sounds delicious. I haven't had good fish and chips in ages.

  5. The marlin is huge. Love the look of the hotel and your lunch sounds delicious.


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