Saturday, 25 July 2015

Te Puna Quarry Native Bush and Walks

A while back I visited the Te Puna Quarry Park and not only did I get up close with some wonderful pieces of nature but I also spent some time alone walking along one of the native walks enjoying the quiet, the peacefulness and the native New Zealand scenery.

One of the tracks takes about 45 minutes to exlore but the one I took was only about 20 mins long, still it was a great way to spend my time in the late Autumn/early winter atmosphere.

I would love to hear what walks you have been on :-)


  1. Looks lovely. Not a place I have visited yet. :-)

  2. Beautiful New Zealand bush! Nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world!! I know that's hyperbole but I grew up over there and for a long time measured everything else by it.

    1. where in NZ did you grow up?

    2. Around the north island - the last couple of places were Kaitaia and Te Aroha.

  3. Love a bush walk; so good for the soul. I didn't know you had walks like this so close to Tauranga. Lucky you!

  4. Beautiful location. The more I look at your photos, the more I want to head down to Tauranga someday soon.

  5. I love these escapes that are close, I used to find local parks at lunch.

    I walked several paths in Zion National Park, I just need to post the photos!



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