Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Waikorire Track - Mount Maunganui - Spectacular Autumn views

I can't believe this view! I only just completed the Waikorire Track at Mt Maunganui - at just 600m you wouldn't think it's very far and although the length of it was easy the steps on the way up were not. I walk and use my exercycle plus do yoga every day and I kid you not by the time I got halfway my legs were like jelly. Once we reached the top however the view was fantastic and this is only a small portion of Tauranga. I plan to do it again to try and get fitter.

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  1. Great view from up there. I'm glad I did it years ago, know for sure I wouldn't make it these days. (And yes, my group of girl friends and I all worked at the dairy factory at Maungaturoto back in the day. Two of them still work for Fonterra!) I live about two hours north west of Mangawhai.

    1. hey Pauline, my brother in law works at Fonterra. And I live at Mangawhai heads :-)

  2. The view is stunning! Definitely worth getting jelly legs for. :)

  3. I'm glad you powered through the climb to share the view with us, it's spectacular.

  4. That is a fantastic view - well worth the climb. Our views never include a beach!

  5. I enlarged the photo...outstanding!!! Great post as always. Spectacular view indeed.

  6. What a truly amazing view. What a lovely reward at the end of your climb


  7. You worked hard, but what an amazing reward! Beautiful ....stunning view really. We spend so much time in flatland Florida that no amount of daily exercise could prepare me for that climb! When we visit colorado it takes me a few days to even be able to breath. But once we do there are some wonderful vistas there too. Something we miss here!

  8. What a great view - I really do need to organise a trip over the ditch!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne



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