Monday, 12 January 2015

Is it Captain Cook?

My daughter and I were at the Mangawhai Library over the weekend and out the front near the markets we saw this fellow. At first we thought it was a statue then we realized it was a man sitting there extremely still, was it to promote the new museum in town? Was it to promote some of the local history? Apparently not, he was sitting there dressed like Captain Cook of his own accord. It was a sweltering hot day so I wonder how he managed it...who knows.


betty-NZ said...

How cool that he could be so still--I know I probably couldn't! Sorry about the confusion about the WATW link on my blog. I don't create the link up so I have no control over when it opens. I think it might open at midnight tonight (our time) but am trying to find out for sure. Please be sure to come back and link up!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

We get these 'performance statues' in the UK. I think they're amazing!

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