Sunday, 26 October 2014

Getting back out with my camera this time to Tanoa

This weekend for us kiwis has been Labour Weekend, the true beginning of Spring and what a weekend its been. Yesterday was such a beautiful warm day that the teens and I drove out to see one of my besties...Liz over at Mad Bush Farm who lives in Maungaturoto - a town about 20 mins from here. A decision to drive out to Tanoa on the Kaipara coast was greatly received, anything to get 4 teenagers out of the house and into the fresh air right?  This was the scenery that greeted us - wow, right?

Apart from two fisherman pushing their boat out from the shore and a ferry, the Kewpie Too doing a cruise around the area we were pretty much the only ones there.

There is a beautiful historic house out at Tanoa -
Batley House was built in 1866 and is now owned by locals Rex and Rae Roadley, apparently it has been restored nicely to virtually how it use to originally be apart from the addition of a modern kitchen.

Hows this for a stunning view?  Cool, calm clear water and green hills as far as the eye can see. This is one place we will be going back for seconds! oh and btw I have 5 days to go until I get my cast off - awesome!


Felicia said...

gorgeous scenery. gald your arm is healing nicely.

Amy said...

thanks Felicia, getting there :-)

Unknown said...

Summer is on its way :)

I too am glad your arm is nearly better :)

Amy said...

thanks Jen, 5 days to go until the cast comes off :-)

Liz said...

It's actually Batley we went to. LOL Even so names aside we had an awesome time. Thanks girl. Hey that SLR you're trying out is a winner I reckon. We'll have to do this again *hugs*

Amy said...

thanks Liz, Tanoa and Batley are so close to each other but equally nice spots.

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