Sunday, August 13, 2017

Flowers from afar...

After 4 days of visiting my parents have gone back home up north but on the first day the were here I came home to find these lovely flowers in a vase on my kitchen bench.

These are Asiatic Lilies which flower from a bulb and come in many colours, from white, orange, yellow, pink, purple and crimson.

Not sure how long they will last for but I hope at least a couple of weeks :-)


  1. They make quite a show with their vibrant colours.

  2. A beautiful pop of color to brighten up the winter, they are beautiful

  3. A lovely colour show for your enjoyment.

  4. You are lucky. Those are beautiful flowers

  5. Beautiful flowers! I get these every now and then. They are too pretty to resist.

  6. I love lillies. I have lots of them in my garden in Scotland. They are all fairly dwarf varieties though because I am so close to the sea and year round high winds.



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