Taramakau River


Last week B and I drove out to Dillmanstown which is a former mining settlement out Kumara way, about 20 minutes drive from Greymouth. We have many many bridges like this one around the country that only have one lane, mostly because they aren't a high traffic area.

This one the "William Stewart" bridge was opened 11th April 1991 by the then Minister of Works and Development and Chairman of the National Roads Board the Hon. W.L. Young M.P.

On one side of the bridge was a small gravel road leading down to the Taramakau River where I saw a car. The 2 men were either doing a spot of fishing or having a look around for rocks.

And on the other side was the Kumara Power Station, quite small compared to others I've seen but no doubt it does a decent job of providing electricity to the surrounding areas.

This is the Taramakau River. It runs for 75kms to the Tasman Sea and is the boundary between the Westland and Greymouth districts.

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Thankyou. I love when you take me for a little tiki tour around my childhood home province. The last time I was at Taramakau was for a dinner at the pub for my old aunts birthday quite a few years ago.
local alien said…
My grandmother often mentioned Fillmanstown. A lot of mining history
roentare said…
Elegant sceneries there.
s.c said…
Looks like a nice territory to do discoveries.
NCSue said…
Thanks so much for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2024/04/the-rare-book-collection.html. I wish I could visit Australia and New Zealand - they both are fascinating.
Iris Flavia said…
Those one-lane-thingies always "scared" me in Australia ;-)
Nice scenery!
Tom said…
...water is always a treasure!
Sharon said…
What a nice little tour. Thanks for taking us along.
Fun60 said…
I suppose it makes sense for the bridges to be one line if there is little traffic.
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
We have lots of bridge crossings with a similar gravel road going down so that people can fish or do whatever then want to do on the river.
Thank you for showing me
We enjoy drives out into the country -- this one looks quite a bit like ones we might take in Oregon .