One from when it was Spring in Reefton and this is a town I really like, if it wasn't smack bang in the middle of nowhere I would've moved there. This was back when petrol prices had a brief discount on prices because everyone was affected by covid but a recently this came off and prices have soared. It's one of those old towns that originated because of gold mining.

Now a few months later Christmas is nearly here and I'll be glad when it's all over. I think working in retail on and off since I was 18 years old has given me a type of bah humbug attitude including hearing the same tunes on repeat along with 5 different covers of each song. I've been working a few hours here and there on my days off at my new job just to try and get some training in so that it won't be so "what the heck am I doing" when I finally do start in January.

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Tigger's Mum said…
Agree with you about Reefton. Love the place and would willingly live there (or Murchison) but Mr B is a sailor and a big town boy - he doesn't seek out nature and would curl up and die in a small isolated community. Best of luck preparing for the new job.
roentare said…
The streets look really wide there
s.c said…
It always strikes me how much space there is.
Tom said…
...retail is a tough business and it's only getting tougher.
local alien said…
I would love to visit Reefton and explore around there. It has history I have heard told in the family.
As for Xmas music. Yes, how on earth do you not go crazy hearing that all day everyday.
Sharon said…
I think I'm feeling the same way about this time of year. I kind of cringe when I enter a store and those Christmas songs are playing.
Bill said…
Reminds me of an Old West town in the US.
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
I worked for Mobil as a summer roustabout in the oilfields of west Texas and then later as an engineer in Houston. Great company, long gone of course except as a brand since they got bought by Exxon.

I like parts of Christmas, not the shopping part.
I love cool little towns like this, but you're right, not much opportunity for employment.
Good luck with the sales position in January. Adapting or acceptance is the key to anything.
Lydia C. Lee said…
Nothing takes the joy out of Christmas like working retail. I can't really see anything that says Spring in the photo, but you did say it so it counts ;) Thanks for sharing with #Allseasons
Looks like quite town.
Coffee is on.
looks like a blast from the past. Open and uncluttered street corner. I grew up in New Jersey, home of Esso until it and Mobile were gobbled up and re-branded.