Whitebait Fritters


When my parents were visiting recently we decided to try some Whitebait fritters in Hokitika. There is a takeaway shop there that sometimes sells them when the fish are in season. The lady on the left took our order and my father on the right enjoyed his even though they were expensive.

Mine was perfect and much appreciated especially with a little squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of salt. These are a New Zealand delicacy and a true Kiwi tradition. B doesn't like these as he doesn't like looking at the little eyes but I just tell him not to look.

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roentare said…
Love whitebaits as cooked in soups. Dad cooked that for me when I was young
Yum! Whitebait fritters are so delicious when cooked properly. Seeing your father enjoy them made me want one! Or two, or three ... LOL
Bill said…
Never heard of them but they look good, I'd try them.
Never heard of these, but they look good!
Tom said…
...fritters aren't something common here!
Jim said…
Ms Donyarific said…
Those fritters look tasty, I'd want one! ~ Ms. Donyarific
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
I've had all sorts of fritters from all sorts of sea creatures but never a whitebait. It looks delicious. I'd try it in a second.
Fried...whitebait I never heard of but, I'd try it. Perhaps I need to eat dinner. I getting hungry. LOL!