Monday, 12 April 2021

The eyes have it

Looking back on the last year or so. April 2020 we were smack bang in the middle of lockdown here in New Zealand. B who is an essential worker was the only one working full time, myself and my 2 adult children were stuck at home unemployed and boy was it frustrating financially. Luckily I found some old dvds that were in our television cabinet so I managed to binge watch those for the 6 weeks. We are pretty fortunate and lucky here that our country is in such a good place health wise, we have our freedom as well which is pretty important if you ask me. Last week both our government and the Australia government entered into a travel bubble so people flying between the two countries could do so without having to quarantine so many people have been snapping up tickets, I wonder how long it will last?

Last week we were on holiday in Taupo, to my delight there were numerous murals around the town. This one is like the eyes are watching. Painted by Xoe Hall this one is part of the "Graffiato" Taupo Street Art Festival which is celebrated every year on Labour Weekend (last weekend of October for us).

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  1. ...they certainly do. It's nice the travel is freeing up.

    1. hey Tom, we've pretty much had our freedom since we came out of lockdown last May. People can't really travel overseas so everyone is exploring our own country.

  2. Love the eyes mural. As we gradually come out of lockdown people in the UK will be staycationing a lot and the Islands in Scotland are very divided about the potential benefits versus the risks involved.

  3. I am happy for you that you can travel to Australia again. As for this mural, it is very original and it is a nice find

  4. This really does catch the eyes.

  5. That is a wonderful mural. Your country really succeeded with the measures you took. The rest of the world could learn from you! I don’t know if it was worth the sacrifice, but it sure looks like it to me.

    best... mae at

  6. Interesting mural! What there is and what one wants to see? Sofa, Love-bed?
    So fitting to these days!

  7. So much to see within the eyes :)
    I do hope the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand lasts and all goes well.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Amy.

  8. Those eyes are taking in the scene!

  9. It is hard not to be a tad envious when news of lockdown easing comes this way. Our shops have opened but technically we are meant to call them ahead and make an appointment to go and shop - which assumes you know which shop has what you are looking for (- it took me 4 to find some lights to replace the burned out ones from the kitchen - we've been cooking only in daylight hours for the last three months), and that you have their phone number... We still have to send text messages for permits to go out. I'm not sure how many people still observe that though

  10. I do wonder how long it will last, with Oz having more problems than NZ..hope it all goes well.
    Those eyes!!
    You will have to go and see the Whanganui Walls after their second festival...they look great online, wish I could see them in person

  11. That’s a great mural. That lockdown period must have been terrible financially and emotionally, but it seems to have worked. Here, we were Without good leadership at the beginning of the pandemic and we lost way too many lives and it is taking us way too long to get over it.

  12. Love the mural Amy, eye-catching! Sometimes I feel WA is totally apart from the rest of Australia.. and I'm not unhappy about that 😉 kidding 😊


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