Monday, 29 March 2021

Maori Culture in Kaikohe

 Another mural on the side of a shop that's closed for business in Kaikohe, this one again I have been unable to find the artist but the painting looks like it's showing the richness of Maori culture in the region.

We are away this week on our annual holiday, this time to Taupo and Napier - I have set some posts by date to come up but we won't have internet access so I won't be able to visit you until we return. See you soon...

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  1. ...the style of the building can be found in Maui!

  2. Colorful mural - enjoy your trip!!! YAY on you!

  3. It seems to be really beautiful.

  4. Nice find Amy. Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals and enjoy your holiday.

  5. Enjoy your holiday and savour your ability to travel.

  6. Nice and coourful mural. Have a wonderful holiday!


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