We actually got rain!

Well about 20 minutes worth but it's better than nothing. Everything is so dry here -  the grass is brown and dying. Looking out over the other houses around us we could see the mountains in the distance. It's the first time ever I have seen any mist like that creeping over - quite eerie really.

I feel for the people down in Queenstown and on the west coast - they've had so much rain that it's amounted to severe flooding. If only we could spread it evenly over Australia to help put out the fires I'm sure it would be appreciated.

No doubt we'll be back to nearly drought conditions tomorrow, but at the expense of moaning which I hate to do I'm definitely not a Summer person. Give me Autumn or Spring any day - it's difficult at night not being able to sleep with any sheets or blankets with the humidity, know what I mean?


  1. Amy, things look dire there too. Thanks for asking about the bush fires in Australia, which are probably the worst in history. We've had smoke haze in Sydney almost every day for the past three weeks now. Some afternoons there's an eerie orange glow from the sun and some days the sun looks red. We desperately need rain but sadly none is forecast.

  2. Glad you got a little bit of rain. Humidity can drive a person crazy. I do hate that feeling even though we hardly get it here but I do remember it. My wife hates summer and is a big fan of winter. :)
    Have a nice weekend, Amy.

  3. We got some rain this last week too so I can understand how important it is in dry places. I hope you get a little more soon.

  4. 20 min worth won't do anything just evaporate you need a bit more than that. We got rain on the way again tomorrow according to the weather forcast

  5. We had a thunderstorm and a good soaking yesterday afternoon...today looks like rain showers most of the day, which is needed here. I think we are on the south edge of the block of rain hitting the bottom of the North Island

  6. We had months without rain during the summer but in November the skies opened with short bursts of extremely heavy rain. Everything is beautifully green now. Hope your get some decent rain soon.
    I dislike summer. Hot and uncomfortable. Still lovely here. Chilly nights but warm days, and still a bit of rain on the horizon

  7. Glad you got some rain. Wish things would settle down weatherwise all over. I know that one shouldn't get climate and weather confused by things sure are messed up right now.

  8. I hope you get more rain Amy. I was happy our temperatures cooled down this afternoon with a thunderstorm. I too hate sleeping on hot sticky nights.
    I love your new header picture :)

  9. I 100% agree with you Amy, summer, especially this year so far, is horrible! Every drop of rain is precious. We had a few drops yesterday too, the smell of rain on hot soil is amazing! Beautiful sky in last shot, not so much the fires around Sydney, my son says they haven't seen a blue sky for weeks ✨

  10. That about the rain not being evenly distributed is so true about this country too. I hope you get more than 20-minutes-worth soon (but not too much). It gets hot and humid here in Florida (we are back here now)...usually not until in the Spring. Summers are bad, but we are not here then.

  11. Came back to this post to say we’ve just been reading about NZ’s tragic fires and I thought of you. The drought and those fires , just Terrible. California was hit hard this past summer here; two or three summers ago our Oregon City was smoky a lot because of fires in the surrounding mountains ...there was no danger to us except for breathing. I am afraid we are in for more years like that . both you and us I bet. Be safe!

    1. hey Sallie, do you mean the fires in Australia?

  12. I'm looking out of my window as I type. It's 1500hrs. It's almost dark. It's blowing a gale and raining heavily. It's about 6ºC in theory but feels baltic. Would I swap it for 40ºC and humid at night? No!


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