Sunday, 24 March 2019

Russell's Custom House 1870

Russell, one of the oldest historical places in NZ, full of old buildings and houses. This one was once the first customs house built in 1870 from an original design by W.H. Clayton, the first colonial architect to our country.

Over the years the eventual drop off in shipping to this area meant the house was no longer needed and the Police department agreed to take it over. There is a huge Moreton Bay Fig tree next to it that was also planted the same year by Mr E.B. Laing who was the first collector of customs from 1870 to 1886. What a view they would've had from here though!

Apologies in not visiting your blogs during this week, there had been quite a bit going on. On Thursday my work held a 2 minutes silence in respect for those who were killed in the Christchurch terror attack recently. At least I wasn't the only one who got teary eyed and blubbery but it was good to see everyone including customers stop what they were doing and show their respect too. My only thought is that when other faiths and religions are also persecuted (in an ideal world) maybe the media would also give them some sort of attention. That's my wish anyway...onto my 2 days off for the week so I can count my blessings.


  1. I'm ashamed to say, Amy, that in this country these atrocities are almost just accepted as expected and we are getting too used to them. I've been absolutely shocked by the New Zealand tragedy and, what is strange given my first sentence, is that the NZ tragedy has had more airtime on our televisions than ours often do. Ones in the US hardly get a mention any more.

    On a happier note what's not to love about Russell? I think I must have done a few blogs from that are over the years.

  2. Wonderful view no wonder the customs house is there

  3. A very nice building and a fabulous view.

    All the best Jan

  4. Russell is such a lovely town. I like its moniker "the hell hole of the Pacific."

  5. Nice photos of an interesting place.

    So sorry for the killings in Christchurch.

  6. I love the look of that building and the view, as you say, is top notch!

  7. That event was beyond tragic and your thoughts aboutit are the same as mine (and better expressed). I have been impressed with the way your country has come together and wish we here had the strong and moral leader it seems that NZ has.


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