Monday, 18 March 2019

Eggs Benedict Kiwi Style

Today we've spent the day enjoying my 48th birthday. We had a nice lunch at a local cafe named the Rusty Tractor Cafe where we both enjoyed servings of one of my favourite meals - eggs benedict.

So yummy and so good to have a nice day off.

On a different matter I don't know if you heard but we had some shootings in a South Island city named Christchurch thanks to a vigilante gunman shooting at some Muslim mosques. We are all totally shocked by this but instead of dividing us as a nation it's bought us together. Hate and racism are terrible things.

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  1. NZ is always a paradise in my eyes...having left it almost 50 years ago it is still the peaceful place I left back then. It shcoks me to be brought back to reality and realise that the world has changed and NZ along with it. The outpouring of sympathy from here in greece is amazing. 20 years ago so many greeks didn't even know where nz was ... I had to tell them, next to australia lol
    I have learnt the maori words kia kaha. In greece we would use the word 'kouragio.

    On a happier note I just love nz food styling. It looks so appetising, so enticing. I have just started following a nz food site on instagram. YUN!
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have many many more of them

  2. I have never tried Eggs Benedict, it is something I would like to try sometime but not with Bacon that does not quite see to go right with me. Just read the menue and 23nzd equates to 12 pounds here. Eggs Benedict on toast with smoked salmon is around half that in the restaurant I go to, mind yo prices do vary a lot some are a lot dearer than that.
    Many Happy Returns I'm sorry that your birday was spoilt by that idot

    1. hey Billy, it all happened on the 17th, the day before and smoked salmon is normally my go-to for eggs benedict.

  3. Thanks Amy for commenting on my post. Oh but first Happy Birthday!And I must try that egg when I go there again.

    Re hippeastrum I asked my sister to bring me some, but my requested hybrids are in Rotorua, not for shipping. Condolences to the affected families in Christchurch.

  4. Happy happy birthday Amy, your pick for lunch is my daughter Aimee's favourite too. What happened in Christchurch was unbelievably horrendous, the world mourns with them ✨

  5. That looks delicious.
    Yes, the story has been heavily covered on our news here. It really is an awful situation the world has gotten itself into. So much hate and misunderstanding. I can't even begin to understand why people can feel so much hate and want to cause so much pain. My deepest sympathies are with everyone in NZ right now.

  6. When we heard the news of the shooting, we were totally shocked and sickened by this act of violence. The world seems to be getting crazier by the day.
    I'm glad you had fun celebrating your birthday. That looks so good and delicious. Happy Birthday to you and many more to come.

  7. We were all shocked that terrorism played out this way in New Zealand. It is good to see how united NZ is in supporting the Christchurch community.

  8. Happy birthday to you. We hold you and all New Zealand in our hearts as you deal with this act of terrorism. Kudos to your incredible PM.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  9. Hello, looks delicious! Enjoy your day, have a happy week ahead.

  10. It looks tasty.

    I'm very sorry about what happened.

  11. We didn't try that cafe six years ago...after the last time pirate rode the Tour of the Northland we returned with friends for a tiki tour and ended up in Keri Keri for her to buy white port produced there..very tasty!!

  12. The tragedy in Christchurch has been given more coverage here (in the UK) than most of the ones we've had. Having friends in Christchurch I've realised just how much it has brought the community together. We seem to have become hardened to the atrocities here even though they are relatively few and far between. The right-wing extremism gripping a lot of Europe and even Australia saddens me and makes me concerned for the future.

    On a lighter note I would love the eggs Benedict but it would probably fill me for the rest of the day.

  13. I think New Zealand is going to change forever due to the acts of one bad person. I am proud of how we are handling it.
    Love the eggs bene. A local cafe here does them on a homemade hash brown instead of muffin or bread.


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