Waikino Station Cafe

One place I was itching to visit since we lived in Tauranga was the old Waikino Station Cafe - located within the Karangahake Gorge Region and just off the main highway. I use to think this was still an actual railway station but it turns out it is now a vintage rail cafe.

Unfortunately because it's Winter here the cafe was closed so the closest I could get was taking a photo from the front over the tracks.

The construction was first started in 1900 and was opened in 1905 for goods and passengers. This would've been quite an isolated area, these days it's in the middle of the countryside within the Karangahake Gorge so it would also probably been used to cart stone and rock from the railway within the Gorge itself.

So here's how it would've first looked in 1905. In 1952 the station stopped operating and in 1961 it was closed. Good to know now though that it's been used for something good.


  1. It's a beautiful and nostalgic picture. And it's a good idea to keep the station

  2. Oh you will have to go back when the cafe is open Amy, perfect location!

  3. The old station is looking real good.
    Nice to see that someone is giving it some TLC.

  4. The station is looking good and I bet it does well as a cafe too.

  5. Nice train station, I am always happy when old buildings are repurposed. I love that you found the old photographs to go with yours in the post.

  6. It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us.



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