Sunday, 29 July 2018

Blossoms and boats at the Landing

Another place we explored since we moved here less than 2 weeks ago is this place. Named "The Landing" this area has a boat ramp and wharf. A waterfall is at the top near the road and cherry blossoms line the river bank.

There were probably 3 small trees with pink blossoms along with bees buzzing around and enjoying the winter sun.

There a small amount of dinghys and small boats parked near the wharf. We are actually looking online at the moment at buying one for ourselves as we are both fishing nuts.

This is the wharf and boat ramp. It was quite a still calm winter's day. This area seems to be filled with alot of mangroves and I would call it an estuary more than anything. No doubt it's a great place for Snapper and Flounder to congregate.


  1. Lovely scenes. The Taiwanese Cherries are in full flower right now. Considered a pest but very pretty.

  2. Those little boats look so odd 'parked' upright but I guess it is the best way to store them. A little boat to potter about in would be fun....for putting out your flounder net!!

  3. I'm so looking forward to more posts about Kerikeri and it's environs. I've actually stood on that wharf although I think the only one I blogged about was at The Stone House.

  4. That's a very pretty area. I wonder what kind of fish you can catch?

  5. Sounds and looks perfect for a pair of 'fishing nuts' Amy 😀

  6. You are going to have SO much fun next summer!!! Perfect that you moved this season, so you have time to explore and figure out where your best fishing/hang-out/photo spots are before Spring! It doesn't look to bad there for winter though!!



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