Sunday, 27 May 2018

It's hibernation time...

One of my favourite appliances is our crockpot or slow cooker as some may call it. Every week for the last month we've had soup simmering away in it each Sunday. As Sunday is usually my first day off each week I usually throw either a pork hock or bacon pieces, in this case I put in bacon pieces, 1/4 pumpkin, 1 carrot, 1/2 packet soup mix, 1 packet Maggi pumpkin soup and half a chopped onion. I leave it all day and then we have it for dinner, anything left over gets put in tupperware containers and popped into the freezer for those nights when we don't feel like cooking. As it's gradually getting colder here and we're having more overcast gray skies and rain this is a nice meal to enjoy. I think tonight's overnight coldest temperature is meant to get to about 4 deg celsius. May be time to put the electric blanket on the bed soon.

Other news:

  • Sold my Mazda 6 car finally so now I only have my Nissan Tiida (much more economical).
  • We've been stuck with a nasty flu for the last week, cough, sneezing, blocked noses - the usual winter ailment. Thank goodness it's lemon season cos juice goes awfully well with honey and warm water.
  • We may be moving up north to Kerikeri, one of places we visited recently - the other half is trying to work his way through paperwork so he can transfer from one company to another - watch this space.

What's happening with you?


  1. I did crockpot chilli yesterday and pumpkin soup today. My crockpot gets a good workout when the cold weather arrives.

  2. Add a tot of whisky to that lemon juice .... says my husband. Kerikeri . It's beautiful up there too. And less crowded?
    Perastika. May your sniffles be quickly finished

  3. Definitely soup weather Amy. Wow, a move on the horizons, exciting!

  4. Nothing like soup on a cold day!

  5. Sounds ideal for those cold weather days.

  6. your slow cooker seems like a great tool :)

  7. I've just read my way through your posts since I last visited at the Mangonui Fish Shop post. I always get a lovely feeling when I remember the places that you visit when I have been there too.

    Like you I always have soup on the go. (And I have a stock pot/slow cooker). My latest 'discovery' is celeriac and watercress - delicious and very good for you.

    A possible life in Kerikeri? Well if you get there I may ask you a favour. (No I don't need accommodation!).

  8. That soup should help cure the cold too! It looks delicious. Exciting to think about your move!



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