Visiting a best friend at Tihoi

Today we drove nearly 2 hours to visit one of my best friends who lives out at Tihoi (pronounced tee-hoy), she lives on a farm but has decided to sell it and move closer to the city.

Our ultimate goal was to help her sort out what she needed and didn't need so after the teens and both the other half and myself shifting bits and pieces around in the garage we set off inside to fill up rubbish bags.

The neat thing about her farm is that it's so quiet, it's about 20 minutes drive from Taupo. Happy chickens, happy dogs and a happy horse.

My daughter is a horse fan so after a bit of teamwork between her brother and herself she was off for a short ride.

Good day in all. Linking up with Our World Tuesday :-)


  1. Very nice you could help your friend and it looks like beautiful country and a lovely place to live.

  2. Looks like a nice place in the country. I hope the dogs have a place to go.

  3. Typical NZ farm house! Reminds me of one my brother and his wife rented out somewhere way out in the back of Paengaroa. Cows and fields all around. Your photo makes me feel quite homesick

  4. Given the relative remoteness of Tihoy I was wondering which city she might be moving near to. Riding bareback is not something I've ever attempted. I like a saddle to grip.

  5. What a great way to spend the day, helping a friend, getting some exercise, and enjoying the peaceful countryside!

  6. An active day all round. I expect it will be quite a change for your friend moving near a city.

  7. I've always had friends who were glad to help us move through the years. It makes for a good time. Your friend's place looks nice and she has lots of animals which is fantastic. I hope she can keep them.

    1. She is apparently taking some of the dogs with her but will be rehoming the rest of the animals :-)

  8. seems like it was a nice day on the farm--i love the pics of all the animals but specially the last one of your daughter on that horse!

  9. That first shot make me look twice, as it could have been my house before we got a new water tank! I love being in a rural area, but 'town' isn't that far away.

  10. how great to help out :) I hopw she has a great place to move in to also.

  11. Big changes coming up for your friend Amy, will she be moving closer to you?


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