Saturday, 6 January 2018

After the big storm...

Seems strange to have major storms halfway through Summer doesn't it? We've spent the last 2 days with torrential rain and wind. Some areas around NZ were flooded but we were pretty fortunate here. 

2 days ago my oldest son travelled down with a friend and visited us, I don't see him nearly enough so it was lovely while he was here. We took them both out yesterday for a drive and stopped at Mount Maunganui beach - my phone camera was very shaky due to the howling wind and there were other people having a look at the waves included a kite surfer who gave up after being pushed around for a while.

This morning they went back up north again so I took the opportunity to record again how much calmer the weather was. According to news stories various birds such as penguins have been washed up in the king tide so hopefully they will be able to make their way out to sea again.


  1. Storms viewed from the coast and so humbling.

  2. Wild and windy. I wouldn't think it was a good day to kite surf, control and balance would be erratic.

  3. Yes it's not at all what I would have expected if I had still been fortunate enough to be living there in the summer. It's exactly the sort of weather we've been having - but then here it's midwinter.

  4. Surprising weather conditions for the middle of Summer.

  5. Oh my gosh really penguins? Poor things. How great that you got a nice visit with your son even if it was kinda' windy.

  6. It would seem like a bad storm if penguins get washed ashore.



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