Sunday, 3 December 2017

Surf Rescue Challenge 2017

Since it's Summer here now - started 1st December I decided to walk a little further than I normally go. Instead of walking part way down the beach I walked to the very end and saw the beginnings of the International Surf Rescue Challenge for 2017 in the midst of being set up.

This event goes for 3 days, it's held every 2 years, there are 8 national open teams and and 4 youth national teams from NZ, Australia, England, South Africa, USA, Canada, France and Japan.


  1. Sounds like a pretty cool event to watch!

  2. Will you be returning to watch more of the event?

  3. What an interesting competition -- calls attention to what must be some great and needed rescue work as well as I'm sure being fun for the participants and audience. I too would love to see pictures of the event.

    Happy Summer!!!

  4. Be interesting to see this event.


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