Sunday, 31 December 2017

I saw the Diamond Princess!

Last Friday on my day off I walked down to the beach to catch the Diamond Princess leaving port. I waited there for about 15-20 minutes before I saw it slowly make its way around Mount Mauao and then emerge behind the rocks.

This baby can hold 2,670 passengers and travels mostly around Asia during the Northern Hemisphere summer and then around Australia and NZ in the Southern Hemisphere Summer.

As for me, I'm choosing this day to relax - thankfully I'm not working today which is New Year's Eve for us so I will miss the busyness that I'd normally be facing at work as it is now over the Summer season. But I did work last night as I do every Saturday and didn't get home until about 10.30 so today being quite tired there's not alot going on.

Hope everything is good for you - Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful looking vessel but not for me thanks! However, I have friends who would be very excited to see it and would be working out ways and means to join it on the next trip!!!

  2. That thing is huge. Imagine if that cruise virus hit a ship that big!!
    Hope your new year begins with sunshine and a peaceful mount maunganui!!

  3. The ship is humongous. I like how you kept part of the ship hidden by Mount Mauao. It keeps me guessing as to what the rest of the ship looks like.

  4. Majestic ship and magnificent photo!

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year,
    C & Z

  5. Wow that is one big ship. Hope you have a healthy and happy 2018.

  6. The ship looks large when she leaves Auckland but absolutely huge from your perspective.

  7. Well it's good to be back in Blogland and catching up. Those vessels are impressive although the idea of being on one for a cruise is definitely not my cup of tea. I wish you a very good 2018. Traditionally New Year's Day is a holiday in Scotland (even in the days when Christmas Day was not).


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