Knitted trees and frosty mornings...

Frosty mornings are here in the Bay of Plenty. Yesterday morning upon arriving at work I had on a woolen beanie, a woolen cardigan and a scarf and I still had frost coming out my nose.

If you have a look in this photo, this is the route I take sometimes when I go for my morning walks. To the left is Mount Maunganui Social Club with it's quirky tables and chairs out the front and next to it is a tall tree which is like many others around town covered in knitted or crochet covers. Apparently a few years ago some of the knitters in Tauranga decided to get together and knit their hearts out. People could donate money towards some of their charities while voting for their favourite tree.

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  1. Yesterday, here in Northern California, we had rain, it was cold and fresh snow fell down in the mountains. Go figure.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. frosty mornings but I guess like us in Australia - lovely mild days. I like the street scene Amy and the knitted tree !

  3. Looks like the trees have their woolies on.

  4. Fascinating post and photo ~ delightful having trees warmed by knitters ~ ^_^

  5. Gosh. I've never been there at this time of year. Oddly I don't know the Club but it's not very far from the Cosmopolitan Club where the croquet tournaments are held.


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