Thursday, 8 December 2016

The pohutukawa trees are flowering at last!

Summer is here and the red Pohutukawa trees are flowering at last, these are New Zealand's iconic Christmas tree, they usually line the coastlines along the country and myth has it if the flowers are out before December then it means we will get a good hot Summer. Looking forward to it -but not the humidity though...

More Skywatch Fridays here :-)


  1. They started flowering up on Hibiscus Coast before December. I even planted a couple in the bush behind my house this week.

  2. A new one for me. Love your photos of them.

  3. Well, it does look like you will have a warm summer. Enjoy!

  4. What a great tree ..l you have the Christmas weather I like ... and hopefully will get now that we are in Florida.

  5. You're so lucky! We have a few starting to bloom at the coast (New Plymouth and Hawera) but they never quite make it before Christmas Day.



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