Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Camping at McLaren Falls

I couldn't believe it when I came around a corner at McLaren Falls and saw this lone camper in the middle of a field near Rotary Grove. The air was so chilly when I was there that there was ice on the grass and leaves on the ground, I think they would've had a very very cold night there. Crazy!


  1. LOL - when I saw your title I thought the same of you - I guessed it was you camping and freezing.

  2. I had planned to drive around the South Island in a campervan this time next year but now realise it might be a tad too cold. Back to the drawing board with the plans! They had a picturesque camping spot if nothing else!

    1. the South Island is awesome - such beautiful scenery, one of my favourite spots :-)

  3. yeah but I bet they had heat to make it cozy in their little camper



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