Sunday, 22 November 2015

Fishing Kayaks at Orere Point

A few weeks ago we were visiting family at Orere Point - on the Sunday afternoon I decided the weather was too warm and sunny to be stuck inside so I ventured out for a walk to the local beach and spotted these kayaks on the pebbled shore. The fishing rods are right up my alley, I was very envious as I haven't been fishing for quite some time but shortly after I took this photo a man and his small grand daughter hopped in one and paddled it around the corner to where their family were gathered. Looks like they would've had a great day :-)


  1. That scene appeals to me. The bird obviously likes the look (or maybe the smell) of the kayak, too.

  2. every time I see images like this I regret selling my kayak. :( Wish I could go out with one of these :)

  3. Luckily they came back - looks like that seagull is about to start poking around for fish!



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