Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sunny Spring window reflections at Bayfair

So I had one of those moments yesterday at work when I popped out at lunchtime to one of the local shopping malls to buy a few things. You see a few months back I purchased online what the auction stated was a brand new pair of unworn shoes, said shoes turned up and looked as they were touted to be and when I put them on at home they were comfortable and looked very good. By the time I got to work the lining had begun to unpeel from the inside and by morning tea when I returned to my desk from a short walk I noticed the heels had come off - so much for a brand new pair of unworn shoes.

After nipping out to buy a new pair I was walking back to my car and noticed this reflection in some of the mirror windows next to the parking lot and thought it it was pretty cool that not only was it a lovely sunny Spring day but that a guy on a cart was visible driving past a load of trolleys that were being lined up to be pushed back near the entrance.

Hope your week has gone well, for more weekend reflections click here :-)


  1. great timing for the reflection photo

  2. Great reflections. Have a lovely weekend

  3. nice picture. not only the reflection but also the lines and the yellow colours.

  4. I agree, cool shot. Sorry about your shoes though.

  5. seem to be a clean set of windows judging from the reflection :)

  6. That IS a good reflection - it lifts the building, doesn't it? And I agree - almost like a mural.



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