Child statues in Waihi by Donald Petterson

On one of my road trips recently I drove through the old mining town of Waihi in New Zealand's Coromandel district. These statues of children playing are made of Bronze by artist Donald Petterson and symnbolize the warm water that was originally pumped from the early Martha Mine underground workings that flowed from deep gutters where children loitered and played.

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  1. What a fun way to remember the past. You reminded me of some statues I snapped on our holiday--I'll have to post them later!

  2. I love our "Wednesday around the world"!! I can discover places that maybe I will never see in person! But I would really love to see New Zealand one day... Have a nice week from your Italian follower ;)

  3. Hi Amy, so nice to discover your blog and see your great shots of places I know and love.

  4. Not so often you see statues of children. :)

    1. Lovely bronzes . Nice way to remind about the area history while capturing the joy of children at play.


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