Sunday, 8 March 2015

Seagulls are such funny creatures!

While out at Whakapirau beach last week with my friend Liz we saw the most funny sight - I use to think Seagulls were quite silly creatures but this has started me thinking.

We saw a flock of them watching us eat some treats we had bought with us, nothing unusual there right? Two birds in particular caught our was a baby gull squawking away at what looked to be his mother. Not only was she ignoring him but she was running away as fast as she caught - she almost reminded me of what a harrassed parent who needed a break would look like. A couple of times he threw a bird like temper tantrum, was stamping his little webbed feet and getting in her face. Eventually he gave up, swam into the water and started ducking under the water looking for sprats. It really was the most comical experience!


  1. Great shots. Seagulls have given me lots of fun viewing them over the years.

  2. I guess kids of all type throw temper tantrums. It looks like you are getting the evil eye in that last shot.

    That last snowstorm we had lasted about 14 hours and we got 15-18 cm.

  3. So true! And maybe we could learn a few parenting tricks from them, too!

  4. I can sit and watch gulls for a long time.

  5. Wonderful pics. They are very entertaining to watch. :-)

  6. Great, I found another beachy blog :))
    Love those gulls!
    Have a fine day



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