Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Just me and Mangawhai Surf beach

Yesterday on my day off I ventured up to our local surf beach for a walk in the fresh air. On the way back I sat on the wooden bridge that use to be one of the entry points down to the beach but which is now covered in sand - the storms we've had over the last few months have disintegrated most of the dunes along this way and erosion is widespread.

And some snippets of the sealife that seems to have washed up on the shore after our recent Cyclone Pam - shells, driftwood, seaweed, sea grass and sponge.

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  1. I would have grabbed, grabbed, grabbed... :))
    Love driftwood, love shells in all colours! :)
    But I would have loved to see a picture of
    the bridge you were sitting on.
    Maybe next time? :D
    Have a beautiful day

  2. Pam sure did make a mess didnt she
    nice photos still thou :)

  3. Great photo of the beach and I really like the different object in the sea wrack. I remember that sea sponge from many years ago.

  4. pretty beach. so nice to walk there on your day off.



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