Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cyclone Pam - antics at the beach

Over the weekend parts of NZ were on the lookout from Cyclone Pam which ravaged Vanuatu. Luckily we came off quite well, apart from some rough wind and some nice rain there wasnt much else.

Of course only crazy people like me venture up to our local surf beach in this torrential weather - in these two shots the one above is a local kitesurfer who looks to be enjoying the wind and waves - perfect for him I'd say. In the second one is the view of head rock and the rough waves.

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  1. Fortunate it was just rough seas and some good photo opportunities for you.

  2. glad you were spared. feel so bad for the families on Vanuatu that lost loved ones.

  3. I hope that person in the first image got to the shore before the wind got too strong.

  4. we were warned to stay away from the sea
    it doenst look as rough as it was here



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