Oyster catchers in Mangawhai estuary

I just love this shot! In our old house we use to live in a few streets away there was a walk way at the end of the road and down those lots and lots of steps was a beautiful quiet part of Mangawhai estuary where hardly anyone went.

One Autumn morning a friend and her son were visiting us and I took them for a walk down there. Among the wildlife at the time were oyster catchers searching for food in the low tide. These guys are awesome and love scouting around for shellfish and sprats.

Hope you like seeing a small snippet of NZ's wildlife. For more Wednesdays around the world click here :-)


betty-NZ said…
They are lovely, aren't they! I just love the little bubbles of seaweed, too.
Buckeroomama said…
I love the red bill on the bird... loving the little strands of seaweed, too!
NatureFootstep said…
a favourite bird of mine. This seem to be the black one :)