Monday, 15 December 2014

Loads of summer colour...then loads of flooding!

These lovely flower photos are ones I took on Saturday morning, which was a very overcast day. With no teenagers at home I spent some time at the local markets and walking around Mangawhai taking pics of some of the summer colour. Hydreangeas above are one of my most favourite flowers.

Bougainvillea climbing a fence along the road from me, loving the vibrant red flowers against the bland wooden fence.

Pink carpet roses poking their heads through a fence near the beach - these grow prolifically around here surprisingly enough.

And THIS is how we spent our Sunday. Mass flooding around most of the Kaipara region, some major wind and various roads closed. Ok the rain is great as it fills up our water tanks but some of the properties and sections in my road (above) were quite low in the valley and I'm glad we're up on the high side of the road.

Would love to hear how your weekend went...?


  1. beautiful florals. I love #2. So sorry you are having flooding. hope it does not get too severe.

  2. lovely flower shots
    has its advantages living on hills doesnt it :)

  3. hello Amy,
    I visited NZ two years ago, both north and south island. I enjoyed it so much; such a beautiful country and adorable people. My sister and husband live in NZ, already for three years now (they emigrated to NZ from Belgium).
    Your hydrangeas are very beautiful.
    Hugs from Belgium, Hilde



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